Add ability to discover basic file information from shared link

For our use-case, we have a shared link from our tenant and we’d like to find out some basic information about it: file id, owner id, etc. Currently, we can pull that information if we already know the user but we receive a 404 error when we try to access it with an admin account. Would it be possible to add that functionality? We’re currently using this method:

BoxItem.Info itemInfo = BoxItem.getSharedItem(api, sharedLink, );


A shared link can have three different permissions

  • People with the link
  • People in your company
  • Invited people only

If your link is using one of the first two, your admin should be able to view information about it with the above API. If the link has the ‘Invited people only’ permission, the admin user needs explicit access the file to use the shared item endpoint. Essentially this means that if the shared link is only supposed to be seen by users with access then other users cannot see any information about the underlying file.

Peter Christensen, Platform Solutions Engineer, Box

Thanks for the reply. I understand the point but, at the same time, I can run a shared link report that provides all of the basic data about each shared link. Item owner, Item Id, Shared Type (file, folder, web link), status, custom URL, password set, created date, expiration and permissions. Why can’t I get that same minimal amount of information from the API? This is for all types (open, company and collaborators).

I can see your point but currently this is not possible via API as this is explicitly using user permissions to evaluate what can be accessed via the endpoints. You are welcome to add a suggestion to our product teams via to add this capability

Best regards