API Access and definition of 'root' folder

I am working on developing an app using the API, I upgraded my account to the starter pack because Box requires developers to pay atm.

I can create an API agent and connect using the JSON provided but the account does not have visibility to the ‘root’ folder of the enterprise account, it seems it gets dropped off in its own place? I can put stuff there like new folders but I can’t find any of it in the admin console.

I started as a free account, maybe the accounts are not linked properly? Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Hey :raised_hand:,

This is most likely due to the application being a JWT or CCG Auth type. Those auth types get a service account with their own tree created automatically upon approval by an admin. In order to see the admin’s tree, you’d need to make as-user calls. Hope this helps!

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado:

how does admin ‘see’ that tree?

To see it from the front end, you’d need to view it in the admin console > content manager section.

If you’d like to view the content via the API - you can make as-user calls, using the user id of the admin or whatever other user you’d like to see that isn’t the application service account.

by default the application should return the content from the application’s service account tree.

Thanks for this sharing. One extra question, when you say view content from admin console > content manager section, do you mean the content from API (service account) or other users’ (managed account I believe is the term?) content?

As the admin, you should be able to see the content in the content manager section for any user - managed or service account.