Assistance Needed: Transitioning App Authorization from Internal to Production

Hello Developer Community,

I am the developer of Duplicate Files Fixer, a tool created by Tweaking Technologies Private Limited. I would like to bring your attention to our application, which can be accessed at the following URL: ‎Duplicate Files Fixer on the Mac App Store

Duplicate Files Fixer is designed to efficiently remove duplicate files from users’ Mac and PC systems. It provides support for both local and cloud platforms. Currently, we offer integration with Google Drive and Dropbox as part of our cloud platform support.

In an effort to further enhance our cloud platform support, I am interested in adding a “remove duplicates from Box Cloud” feature to our application. To achieve this, I have used Box API. All integration is done successfully.

However, I have encountered an issue regarding the authorization process, specifically transitioning from the “Internal” status to the “Production” status. I found this behaviour in other cloud platforms to move from testing/Internal to Production. Despite our efforts, I have been unable to find any documentation or guidance on how to accomplish this transition. I kindly request your assistance in this matter if it is needed. I am not sure, it is needed in Box or not.

Could someone please provide me with instructions or guidance if it is needed? I would greatly appreciate any support.

Hello @sudhir ,

We don’t have a progression process at this time. To move to production, you would provide the administrator with your client_id and they can install it in production and enable it for you.

Hope that helps!

Hello @shurrey ,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry, but I didn’t get. I would appreciate it if you can provide more details of the mentioned process?