Automatic File request url creation - {URGENT} -

I looking for an option to create automatically file request URL at the creation of the folder, as every folder represent a job done by freelancers that need to share proof with me.

The idea is to get register in my sistem → create a folder via API → create is File request link → Active trigger when something is uploaded via file request link.

The API doc only says:


Currently, the API only allows the creation of new file requests by copying an existing file request associated to another folder. Please check our guide to create a template folder with a template file request.

Hi @MathisOu , welcome to the forum!

See if this article helps you:

You can totally accomplish this with the API/SDK, the trick is to have a file request template already setup.

It is not possible to create new file requests from the API, but it is possible to copy them.

The article includes sample code for python.

Let us know if this helps