Automatically create file event workflows in each new folder

We use a workflow to set up the same folder structure under each new main file we add. So it works like

  • Smith, John
    → Internal
    → Folder A
    → External
    → Folder A

So the internal is for team member use, and the external is shared with clients to upload folders into. This structure gets created automatically each time we add a main folder using Box relay workflows. We would like to add the rule so that any file uploaded to Smith/External/Folder A gets copied to Smith/Internal/Folder A, and send a notification to the team. It doesn’t seem like there is a way to generically create those type of triggered rules through the AI, is there a way to do so through the API and SDK?

Hi :wave:

Our workflow APIs are pretty limited at this time. So using those will not help your goal.

In order to use the API to achieve this, you would probably have to use some sort of webhook solution that is triggered on file upload events in a the parent folder. The custom code ran would not live in Box. you would need to buy a third party serverless function service or ramp up a webserver. You can find a demo on webhooks here.

I know the Relay workflow team is always looking for feedback. I would add something to Pulse!

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado: