Best way to display images stored in Box

I am trying to find the best way to display images stored in Box on an ASP.NET web app.
I have read about “Box View” but it looks like Box View files can only be displayed using an iFrame. I would prefer to directly display the images, rather than dealing with the clunkiness of an iFrame.
In addition, using Box View requires uploading the files to an App Token application. I have hundreds of images, and unless I can upload them simply or automatically, I’d prefer to avoid an extra step like this.

I tried to look through the other APIs and their capabilities, and couldn’t find anything that simply allows me to display an image stored in Box. I could be mistaken though.

For context, I am trying to display multiple images pertaining to physical items. The other data for the items is stored in Azure, but the images are in Box. I would also like to display a pdf (stored in Box) for each of these items but figured I would tackle images first.

I am a fairly new developer so I may be lacking some understanding of how these things work. I have been bumbling around Box’s documentation and would like some guidance.

Hi Thomas, welcome to the forum!

Let’s try the easy route first.

See if this javascript UI Element would work for your use case.

Let us know.