Box CLI - Watch Folder Trigger for Automatic Download from Box


I’d like to set up a watch folder on my Box account that will automatically download to a specified location on my local storage whenever a new file appears.

I can currently do this manually with the CLI but would like to trigger this with a watch folder.

Is that possible?


Hi @user199 , welcome to the forum!

Yes it is possible.

You can set up a web-hook for that specific folder and monitor the FILE.UPLOADED event.

When a file is uploaded box will ping the URL specified and from there you can have something (a web server for example) listening that will validate the web-hook and proceed with the download.

This is fairly complex, since it does have many moving parts.

See if this article helps:

We also have guides related to web-hooks:

Let us know if this helps and how you want to proceed.


Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Will read through and see how I go.