Box content explorer and uploader in experience cloud

Looking to get advice on how to use content explorer and uploader in salesforce experience cloud as i seen in jan roundtable

@kadams appreciate your advice on how to get it working as I cant seem to find it in lightning component. how do i make it show up in experience cloud.


Hello :wave:

I recently posted a tutorial on using a screen flow in experience cloud. I’m not sure if that helps you or not.

I asked our team and we have not released UI elements for experience cloud outside of a screen flow yet. It is on the roadmap for later in the year.

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado:

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thanks for this.

just wondering when would UI be released for Content Explorer and File Upload in Experience Cloud?

Considering that Demo FSC in Managed Package shows we can upload through experience cloud without setting up this screen flow.

I’m not aware of a specific timeline. You can keep an eye on the Product Announcements section. When a date is available, it will get posted there.