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We saw there is an event for deleted user -
“event_type”: “DELETE_USER”,

Is there another event for transferring all data from one user to another once deleted?


Hello - Thanks for posting on the forum!

To transfer the content - you’d have to make an API call using this endpoint first. This moves all owned content to the admin under the naming structure specified in the endpoint reference page. It can sometimes take a while if a lot of content is being moved!

In terms of showing up on the event stream - I’m still checking on that. The underlying content moves should show up, but I’m not sure if there is a transfer content parent event.

Alex, Box Developer Advocate

Any updates on this one?
We need this event in order to understand to which user the files are transferred to.

All we see is a upload event towards the user but not a DATA_TRANSFER event
“source”: {
“item_type”: “folder”,
“item_id”: “230776547341”,
“item_name”: “ - X’s Files and Folders”,
“parent”: {
“type”: “folder”,
“name”: “All Files”,
“id”: “0”
“owned_by”: {
“type”: “user”,
“id”: “16923419173”,
“name”: “Gilgamesh”,
“login”: “”
“created_by”: {
“type”: “user”,
“id”: “13883773301”,
“name”: “Box Admin”,
“login”: “
“action_by”: null,
“created_at”: “2023-10-15T01:36:20-07:00”,
“event_id”: “6d1acfea-6183-46f4-8c46-70ca69994ee1”,
“event_type”: “UPLOAD”,
“ip_address”: “”,
“type”: “event”,
“session_id”: null,
“additional_details”: null

I tested and confirmed the experience you are seeing. It looks like there is not currently a parent event for the transferring folder endpoint. At least not from what I can see. I have informed the product team about this feature request. You can also post it on Box Pulse if its not already there.

If your goal is to identify the new owner of the files, you can see in the event body posted that the new owner is the admin under owned_by. If you look at upload events + the item names including …“X’s files and folders” that should work.