Box Exception when using boxsdk and Oauth2.0

boxsdk.exception.BoxAPIException: Message: Access denied - insufficient permission
Status: 403
Code: access_denied_insufficient_permissions
Request ID: 4j7c94hizkxe10i7

This is the response I get when I call through my application. But when the same call is made through postman I do get the response. Is the problem with the oauth or with my authentication code.

I followed all the documentation lines for the Oauth2.0 in python sdk

Hello :wave:,

This error occurs when the user you used to login with OAuth 2.0 in your application doesn’t have permissions to view the content.

I can only guess that the user used in the Postman environment setup is different that than one in your application - is that possible?

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado: