Box folders created with the same name

We’ve integrated Box with Apache NiFi, there is a processor which puts files to Box folders. In case the folder does not exist, it is created by NiFi. Usually there are several nodes in NiFi cluster so two or more NiFi instances try to create the same folder in Box parallel.

Normally Box returns 409 (conflict) in case the folder is being created while another request arrives for the creation of the same folder, the NiFi processor handles this case. Although we experienced intermittent failures during our system tests when subfolders are created in Box (e.g. folder1/folder2/folder3) . Sometimes the folder is created twice with the same name, e.g. we have two “folder1” which is considered illegal since folder names are unique in Box.
It seems Box does not throw an error in some cases and creates a folder with an existing name.

Is it a known issue maybe? We use box-java-sdk, 4.4.0.

Hi @zsihi , welcome to the forum.

For sure is not expected.

Can you open a support case for this?

Hi @rbarbosa,

Could you help me opening the support ticket? I did not find any possibility for ticket creation on yet.

Thank you!


You can do it through here:


Thank you, I’ve posted the issue: Box folders created with the same name – Box Support