Box Integration in PHP

Hi, i’m new in programming. I’m developing a website that needs a Cloud. And our boss wants the BOX Cloud Services. I have little knowledge in API. I can’t a tutorial in youtube that specifically deals with how to integrate Box into a website, how to upload and retrieve data. Can someone please help me

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Hi !
If you want to integrate Box in your website, you should take a look to UI Elements here.

Box UI Elements allows you to add some Box components into your own application.

You can also check a few articles posted on our Medium blog, like this article for example.

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thank you for your reply. i checked the article and it is Box Python SDK. I’m utilizing PHP for website development. I tried some SDK for PHP i found in the internet but it does not work.

Hi !

I would recommend you to check our API Reference guide. You won’t find any PHP example, but we provide many examples for cURL, .Net, Java, Python, Node…

For example, if you need to code something to allow users to upload files, you should read this page :

On this page, you’ll get all the Query paramaters, to build your query, along with a POST method.

On the same website, you’ll find all the API references for each endpoint you need, like Folders, Files, Users…

I hope it helps you.