Box List Recent Events API - `path_collection.entries.has_collaborations`

Hello - Using the Box List Recents API, I would like to exclude any events where the root-level parent folder is private (has_collaborations=false).

It looks like I can pass has_collaborations as a field, but this only tells me about the item itself - I need to know if the item’s root level parent is also private.

To get the parent, I can use path_collection, but when passing path_collection.entries.has_collaborations as a field to, nothing is returned.

Is there another way to exclude recent events where the parent event is private?


Hi @dominic-dev, welcome to the forum.

Can you elaborate a bit more?

If I understood correctly you are querying the recent items end point.

This will return a collection of items, and you are looking for the path collection.

Something like:

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer 65S9' 

With this result example:

    "next_marker": "b2Zmc2V0PTU=",
    "limit": 5,
    "order": {
        "by": "interacted_at",
        "direction": "DESC"
    "entries": [
            "type": "recent_item",
            "interaction_type": "item_open",
            "interacted_at": "2023-08-23T08:59:53-07:00",
            "item": {
                "type": "file",
                "id": "1010742636771",
                "etag": "1",
                "path_collection": {
                    "total_count": 1,
                    "entries": [
                            "type": "folder",
                            "id": "0",
                            "sequence_id": null,
                            "etag": null,
                            "name": "All Files"
            "interaction_shared_link": null

I’m unable to see the has_collaborations, and I’m not even sure it is included on the specification of the API.

Can you help me duplicate your use case?