Box Postman Advanced Collection

Hi folks,

Hi folks, thinking that you use the Box Postman Collection to interact with our API, I wanted to share this with you:

With the objective to make our API Postman collection more flexible, I’ve been working on it so that it supports all of Box authentication types Developer Token, OAuth, CCG, and JWT.

The idea is to detect the type of environment selected, and adjust the token refresh accordingly.
I’ve also created a few helper methods to create these environments.

I would very much like you take it for a spin, and send some feedback.

You can fork this collection from here.

You can leave your feedback by replying to this post.
And of course ping me with any questions.

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Update 2023/09/27:

  • Fixed the RSA library not being attached to the collection environment variables
  • Included capital letters on the body of the request to create environments, but only to the default ones, as opposed to the secret parameter. It turns out the when we use the secrets it is better not to have anything there, since “YOUR PASSPHRASE GOES HERE” is replaced by “*****” and the user may think they already filled in that variable.
  • Added some more explanations as steps to the Create environment text description
  • Added a variable to the Authorization tab of the Create environment folder to hold the Postman API key, an and encouraged the user to store it on a global variable.
  • Added a variable to all create environment request to hold the work space id and encouraged the user to store it on a global variable.
  • Updated the name of the Create Bearer Environment to Create Bearer Token Environment in an attempt not to trigger the Postman security check of having bearer tokens hardcoded in the collection.