Box Postman Collection: Support for JWT, CCG, Others?

Hi folks,

I often use the Box Postman Collection to interact directly with the Box API, so I can troubleshoot my code, or just to see what an actual response looks like.

The existing collection only automates the access token refresh for OAuth 2.0, and it is fairly complex to change it to support CCG or JWT, even though a lot of times I wish I had that possibility, so I could work directly with the service accounts.

Having said that I wanted to gauge the community interest in supporting access token refresh for CCG and JWT, or anything in between:

  • Developer Token (non refreshable)
  • OAuth 2.0
  • Client Credential Grant (CCG)
  • JSON Web Token (JWT)
  • Other (leave comment below)
  • All of the above
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Let us know!