Box public repo - how to download using the CLI/API?


I’m fairly new to box and want to download a publicly available repo which is fairly large in size (>1 TB). How can I parse through the whole repo and download all the files?

Right now, the only way to do this is by manually download each file, and the repo has >7,000 files.

This is quite frustrating and impractical. Are there any obvious solutions to this that I might have missed?


Hi @urvashis

You should be able to download the entire folder using the CLI.

The trick might be to determine the correct folder id from the shared link (assuming it is a shared link)

If this link is public, would you be able to share it with us?

The other option is to build a quick Python script to iterate through the item to download. In fact this has been quite a popular use case on this forum. Check out this thread:

Let us know if this helps.