Box returning 403 (Forbidden error) when trying to download


Box is reporting warnings and errors in the console when I use the “download” link exposed after I click the “…” in a file’s row when browsing a folder.

The error is a 403 (Forbidden) error. I’m pretty sure this isn’t what used to happen. I have my cache disabled, and my browser was restarted today.

The warnings and errors in the console make it sound like Javascript is not matched with the resources the browser is fetching from CDN.

Here are the console contents. The 403 error appears when I click “download” after clicking the file’s row’s ellipsis.

vendors~observability.5ad568aac3.js:1 rumAccessToken will be required in the future

runtime.013a6bc02d.js:1 Initialization of sharing external failed: Error: No remote path is available for the remote name box_docgen_client!

  • As a workaround, I am able to download if I click on the row for the file, then Box shows me the page for the file, and I can successfully download the file via the “download” button at the top right.

So the problem with the “download” option in the folder listing doesn’t appear to be rooted in a real permissions issue?

Hello :raised_hand:,

Is this happening in a custom portal you all have developed or just the main Box web app? I ask, because this forum is for questions about using the Box API - not general Box issues. I’m happy to forward to the right team tho. Let me know!

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado: