Box Sign API Changing Sign and Signing Log File Names

I am using the Box Sign API to create sign requests based on a sign template named “SimpleAckTemplate.pdf” for example. By default, both the sign document and the signing log would be named “SimpleAckTemplate (1).pdf” and “SimpleAckTemplate (1) Signing Log.pdf” respectively. I would like to change the file names using the “name” parameter in the API changing it to “SimpleAckTemplate_nnn” where nnn is our internal number. It seems to work partially as only the log file was changed. The sign file name was still defaulting to “SimpleAckTemplate (2).pdf”. I didn’t see another parameter in API that I can use.

When making the sign request on Box Sign Web UI, both file names for log and sign would change per value specified on the “File Name” field.

I don’t know what I am missing in the API.


Hi :wave:,

May I see the code block you are running by chance?

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado: