Box Signature pass uneditable data to template

Hi, I’m new to Box and am trying to create a signature template that allows me to pass data from my app to the template that is not editable by any signer and is visible to all users. So far I am able to pass data via the pre_fill tags but they are editable for the signer, and aren’t visible to the other signers. I’m using the typescript SDK and have made a template that has external ID’s which I have locked in the template. What do I need to do to solve my issue?

Hi @Nicodemus, welcome to the forum!

Pre fill tags were not designed for the purpose you’re mentioning, they can always be edited by the signer assigned to them.

I see a couple of option around this use case:

Option 1:

Generate the document outside of Box with the dynamic data you need, and include sign tags that will be recognized by Box Sign, such as date, name, and signature pad.
From here instead creating a signature request from the template you create it directly from the document.

For more information on this options, check this article:

Option 2:

Assign the dynamic part of the document to a human signer, and set the signing order so that this user always signs first.
Your application can pre-populate the dynamic fields, but human intervention is required.
When that first signer gets the email, all they have to do is check if the text is ok, and press sign. Note that no signature pad is required, this works for any field type.
All the next signers will get the document with the dynamic part set and wont be able to change it.
Depending on formatting, they won’t even notice that it was a dynamic field.

If the current template varies a lot (many different instances) then I recommend you consider option 1, if not, then I ask how dynamic that template needs be, would creating separate templates for each version of the text be feasible?

Let us know if this helps.