Box Web-Integration options are not visible for other users

I have created a box custom-app, with web integration and configured it as per the documentation.
I can see my integrations in the context menu of files/folders and it is working as expected. However, the integration is not visible to other users.

attached are the screenshots of my custom application and web-integration configurations.

  1. I can see the application with status as enabled., in “My Apps” in developer console.

  2. I have added another developer as a collaborator. He still can’t see the web-integrations.

  3. Web Integration configurations

  4. Integration status is set to Online (Visible for all users)

  5. In the Admin console., I have added the application using “ClientID” and it shows as enabled in the “User Authenticated Apps” list. But, still not available for any other users.

  6. In Box Cloud, When I try to search for Apps and My Apps, I can the application listed. But for other users, this is not available.

This issue blocks my development and testing of box integration. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Sarin

Hi Sarin, you are on the right track. However for ‘unpublished’ application integrations the individual user needs to add the integration. If you end up publishing this to the app center it would be available for them to add directly from ‘My apps’.

What you can do is share the link from the details page of the app in your ‘My apps’ page. You should see this at the bottom of the dialog

Send this link to the other users of the integration and they should see an ‘Add’ button when they open. Click this and the integration will be available

Best regards
Peter Christensen, Platform Solutions Engineer, Box

Hi @pchristensen,

Thanks for help, Sharing the App Link worked for us.
I have a followup question:

When we publish this application to App_Center, Still the users need to individually install this application from the App Center.

Is there any way for an enterprise to enable this application for all its users or a specific list of users by default??


Yes, if you publish it the users would be able to add it from the App Center but it wouldn’t show up by default unless it is configured to by the Box admin of that instance. To be able to be added by default it must have an integration configured. I believe the ‘Added by default’ is for all users and there is not currently a way to do a subset of users


Thanks @pchristensen :+1:

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