Bulk Create Box Folders


We are trying to bulk create Box folder/subfolders for existing Person Accounts in Salesforce. We have different Record Types available in Salesforce and our Box folder structure will be slightly different for each of those Record Types. Is there any way we can bulk create these folders in Box without consuming too many API callouts?


Hi @dsharma ,

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I can help you with the creation in bulk of the Box folders, but I’m thinking how to tie things back together with sales force, so that whenever a user is interacting with Salesforce it point to the correct folder.

Let me see if I can find someone to help with this.

Hey @dsharma!
There are a few ways to accomplish this.

  1. You will need to create a folder for every record that is going to be associated to a folder.
  2. Then you will need to add the mappings as a record to the FRUP Object.
    a. There are 3 things every frup record will need Folder ID, Record ID and the User
  3. You then can turn on auto collaborate and visit the record the managed package should auto
    collaborate you to the folder if a collaboration does not exist yet.
    a. if you want to force a collaboration to take place we have a flow action that can help with this
    b. there are also ways to manually do this in box and then write the collaboration IDs back to

A common pattern I have used in the past is to do the following:
Extract the records that need folders from salesforce
Run a script that will bulk create the folders with those names in the appropriate salesforce folder
Take the folder IDs and map them on the name to the records getting you the Folder ID and Record ID.
Then use DataLoader to load in all of those records via upsert or update to create the FRUP records.

Hope this helps!


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response.
Can we create multiple FRUP records for same Account record with different Box Folder IDs so that it displays in Salesforce BOX Widget based on logged in User’s profile?
Is there any way we can connect via Zoom, we have a complex use case. I would like to take your help to design the solution.
Thanks in advance!