Bulk folder insert

Hey all, sorry if this question has been asked before, I couldn’t find anything with a search. We are currently using the box SDK for salesforce and we are trying to insert around 5 subfolders and 1 root folder in one transaction. Currently we are using single call outs for ever folder but are wondering if there is a way we could use 1 call to create multiple folders. I haven’t found any documentation for anything other than single folder creation in both the SDK and the toolkit documentation. I was wondering if there are any solutions to this or if we only get the single call out for folder creation?

Hello! :wave:

I believe we only have the single method option. You could potentially use a flow to automate this process for you. → More Reference Materials.

The CLI has a bulk upload option…but that is different than the Salesforce SDK.

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado:

Thanks for the response Alex! Il check out those options.

Let me know if you get stuck and need more guidance!