Bulkification of Flow Actions e.g. Create Folder For Record ID (createFolderForRecordId)

Is there a flow bulk pattern for creating Box Folders with default batch size of 200. When I insert 200 custom object records, I want 200 box folders created. Reducing batch size works, but not ideal.

In the debug logs I see multiple SOQL queries executed by the Box managed package for a single Folder create which ends up tripping the salesforce limits - An Apex error occurred: System.LimitException: box:Too many SOQL queries: 101

Hello :wave:,

We don’t currently have a “bulk” pattern, but I can certainly pass this along to the team in charge of building out the flow templates. I imagine we would need to build in some batch logic so that the total queries doesn’t exceed the hard Salesforce SOQL limits.

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado:

Unfortunately this is a scaling issue with the core Box API. There is not a bulk folder create endpoint, so we’ll need to call one at a time from Salesforce. Setting the batch job appropriately is the solution here for now. Thanks!

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thanks for responding