Can't delete group_membership via API

After a lot of simultaneous user delete and group_membership delete operations, some group_memberships are stuck. In admin console, it shows that there are users in the group, but not showing them inside, also users are already deleted.

If checking via API, they are shown in group/GROUP_ID/memberships endpoint, but attempting to delete them via DELETE on /group_memberships endpoint causes this error:

“type”: “error”,
“status”: 404,
“code”: “not_found”,
“context_info”: {
“errors”: [
“reason”: “invalid_parameter”,
“name”: “group_tag_user”,
“message”: “Invalid value ‘group_tag_user_36356814675’. ‘group_tag_user’ with value ‘group_tag_user_36356814675’ not found”
“help_url”: “”,
“message”: “Not Found”,
“request_id”: “fdm4k5hpziqx9of5”

Hi @Eugene , welcome back!

I’ve been trying to replicate your use case, and I’m not making any progress.

Could you add more details about your use case, help me set up a situation that replicates yours?

The other option is to open a support case. The support folks can then follow up with you…