Choosing the right app "user" type?


I am a dev for a research project. Each month a dataset is collected and uploaded to a particular Box folder to be shared with research partners. I am not the owner of the target Box folder, just a dev assigned to automate the upload process.

I have looked at the docs but have confused myself. The Owner of the upload folder needs to create an API key/token or otherwise grant access for an automated process to upload a file. I am not sure though what level/type of access to ask the folder Owner to grant. The code I write will run unattended once a month. It should not run “as me” as I will be reassigned to a different project after this uploader is running.

Is a “Service Account” all that is needed? I will need to educate the Owner on what to enable and I am not sure what to tell him at this time.

Thank you in advance

I created a service user (account) in AD and had my BOX admins allow it on our instance through an app I had created, including the ability to be used programmatically. Once completed I was able add it to folders as any type of role that has permissions to do what I need…then I created a JWT under this user context for use in my automation and added it to the necessary folders by the BOX email address on it.

So, did you Box Admins create a Box (not AD) “Service Account” and then a Box “App User”?

I created the AD account in my OU and used it to create a development app within BOX. The BOX admins had to allow the non-person app to be added in the permission structure of BOX before it could effectively be used. As it is now, any folder/file on which it’s not a collaborator will be unaffected by any type of automation using its JWT credentials.

I see. Thank you very much!