Connecting Box To SSIS

Is there an api or way to connect to ssis packages ? I just want to take files from our sql server and move them to box.

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I’m not familiar with SSIS packages, but I found this on our older forum… does it help?

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Hi @sunnybaz , welcome to the forum!

This is a first, integrate Box via a SSIS package.

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with SQL Server, but I’ll take a look.

Tell me a bit more about the use case.

I’m assuming a SQL server somewhere, with files stored as blobs in the database, filestream, file tables, remote blobs?

How are you envisioning the process, would it be possible to download the files from SQL server into a staging area/server with a file system and then upload them to Box?

We do have a dedicated tool to migrate data in bulk called Box Shuttle. Personally I don’t know if it can get data from SQL servers, but I’ll investigate.

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Hi and thanks for your response. What I actually want to do is run a query and export the dataset to a .csv or .xlsx file. Then move that set of files to

Hi @sunnybaz

That seems easier.

We have a Box command line interface (CLI) that might just server your use case.

This Box CLI is ideal for scripting, assuming you would be able to install it on the server that is running the package and then execute an operating system command inside your SSIS package.

Something like, dumping the query on a .csv and then using the Box CLI to upload it to a specific folder in Box.

Another option is to have the script being executed from another server that has access to the folder where the files are written.

I don’t have a sample that matches your use case, but after looking at out guides, if you want to take a look at some scripting using the Box CLI, here are a couple of articles you can take a look:

Let us know if the CLI helps for your use case.

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