Content Manager for Custom Apps

Hello everyone. I created a custom app in september 2019 and I have been using it since them to automate some of my monthly tasks. It is able to upload and retrieve files data as I need, but not to list neither delete due a low regularity of usage of these functions, mainly because I’ve used to manage and delete old files using web Content Manager. Unfortunately I am not able to do it anymore. If I understood it well, now the feature is restrict to plans upper to Business Plus. I got the point to restrict users management, but wouldn’t it be bad for Custom Apps that haven’t a full self-management (CRUD) files feature? We must consider that some apps does not even have an UI, some finished and delivered apps to final users could not implement a full management, and even there is a needing to write more code and spend time to fix a issue that can’t be solved due a policy plan change


Hello @Taida, apologies for the inconvenience. This was done as part of some security work we recently performed. Happy to help you implement the missing functionality if you’d like.