Content picker on iOS devices requires 2 clicks to complete the selected file sharing operation

Hi All,

We are facing an issue w.r.t. box file picker on iOS devices. We have integrated file picker as per documentation but while sharing the files and after selection of files, we need to press select button twice to complete the operation and dismissing the file picker.

Hello :wave:,

Can you point me towards the documentation you are referring to?

Also - are you using the UI element in a custom ios application or an website accessed by a mobile browser?

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado:

Hi Alex - I am the owner of a document in my account, but Box is not allowing me to unlock the document. It’s greyed out and won’t let the people I added as Editors to edit the document. Can you please assist? Thanks - I am having trouble hearing back from the Box team and need to resolve the issue ASAP. @smartoneinok

Hi user106 - I believe you may have posted this question on another user’s question by mistake instead of creating your own question. Unfortunately, this issue doesn’t look like something the developer relations team would help with. We deal with questions related to the API. You might try the regular support forum or filing a ticket with support. Thanks!