Content URL In File Info Representations

When requesting a the information about a File using GET /files/:id?fields=representations each entry is supposed to contain a content property that has the url_template. Is that incorrect?

If so, why would that not be included?

Hi @mdavis-tw

Did you check if the file type is supported :

I did not, these are pretty common file types I did not think it was a likely reason. The files in question are all supported for “Thumbnails”.

If they were unsupported would they list Representations in their info responses at all?

hmm… if they all say yes under thumbnail, I’m not sure why the urls are not included. Have you tired going through the three steps listed here for one of the files in question?

This was in the first step. The documentation for the larger File resources showed the “content” property in the “representations” and I believed they would contain this. The first step of your linked reference shows a snippet without the “content” property, but I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that this was removed for brevity. The second step of your reference then includes the URL I am looking for, so perhaps that portion is only returned if the headers are included?

I will try this.