Copy folder contents with API / SDK

I need to copy all the files in the folder to destination folder. How it can be done with 1 API call or single sdk function call?

  1. When I iterate through all the files in folder and invoke Node JS SDK file copy function for each, then will it lead to multiple API call count?
  2. If I invoke NodeJS SDK folder copy function, then it copies the folder to destination. But I would like to copy the files directly into destination folder.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @boyoboy18 ,

With the API you can just use the folder copy end point.

For the Node SDK you can take a look here.

Hope this helps.

Hi, do you know how using the BOX API for gathering documents would show up anywhere the user who owns the account would be able to see download activity, like in the Content Insights?

I tried using the admin panel’s content manager to download a user’s folders for an investigation but didn’t want the user alarmed, but in doing so, they noticed the download activity through their view of their file’s Content Insights.

Is there any way to grab those files as an enterprise admin without any of our non-admin members from seeing the activity?

thank you,