Could not read environments config file ~\.box\box_environments.json

Hi very new to CLI and Box. Trying to follow the “Use Box CLI with OAuth 2.0” guide and got this error when trying to define my environment using the command “box login -n <environment_name>”. I have checked the config file in the listed path and the config file is empty (not sure if it’s supposed to have content).

I successfully used the “box login -n <environment_name>” command the other day when trying to follow the guide however it does not work today. Searching online brought me to this forum post: boxcli error "Could not read environments config file" – Box Support however I am so new I don’t know how to download a new config file from the provided link to the developer console.

For now I will try to download new config file but does anyone have any idea why my config file would stop working in this manner?

Thank you.

Hi @user104 , welcome to the forum!

It looks like something is off with the environment settings…

Try the configure:environments:get command:

❯ box configure:environments
Manage your CLI environments

  $ box configure:environments:COMMAND

  configure:environments:add          Add a new Box environment
  configure:environments:delete       Delete a Box environment
  configure:environments:get          Get a Box environment
  configure:environments:set-current  Set your current Box environment to use
  configure:environments:switch-user  Switch the default Box user to run commands as
  configure:environments:update       Update a Box environment

This will output the current configurations, and then use the other command to adjust the configurations.

For example in my case I have one environment configured to use the JWT access:

❯ box configure:environments:get
    Client ID: febb9yq9nidfszj63ylzshqf2cg4emso
    Enterprise ID: '877840855'
    Box Config File Path: /Users/rbarbosa/Documents/box-cli/jwt.config.json
    Has Inline Private Key: true
    Private Key Path: null
    Name: default
    Default As-User ID: null
    Use Default As-User: false
    Cache Tokens: true

Set as current:

❯ box configure:environments:set-current
? Which environment? (Use arrow keys)
❯ default

Let us know if this helps