Create a bunch of public links and sent them to individuals in Bulk

We have a list of 7826 files in a .csv document that we need to create a shared link for in bulk, and then send an individual public link out to each person. our internal employee hopes to have this done by tomorrow (very last minute request, but for a very important external client).

Hi @MrHamblin , welcome to the forum!

Not sure what your preferences would be, but this can be accomplished by using the Box CLI or the SDKs, perhaps a python script.

Using a macOS terminal:

❯ box files:share --help
Create a shared link for a file

  $ box files:share ID

  ID  ID of the file to share

  -h, --help                             Show CLI help
  -q, --quiet                            Suppress any non-error output to stderr
  -s, --save                             Save report to default reports folder on disk
  -t, --token=token                      Provide a token to perform this call
  -v, --verbose                          Show verbose output, which can be helpful for debugging
  -y, --yes                              Automatically respond yes to all confirmation prompts
  --access=access                        Shared link access level
  --as-user=as-user                      Provide an ID for a user
  --bulk-file-path=bulk-file-path        File path to bulk .csv or .json objects
  --[no-]can-download                    Whether the shared link allows downloads

  --[no-]can-edit                        Whether the shared link allows edits. Only Applicable for

  --csv                                  Output formatted CSV

  --fields=fields                        Comma separated list of fields to show

  --json                                 Output formatted JSON

  --no-color                             Turn off colors for logging

  --password=password                    Shared link password

  --save-to-file-path=save-to-file-path  Override default file path to save report

  --unshared-at=unshared-at              Time that this link will become disabled. Use s for seconds,
                                         m for minutes, h for hours, d for days, w for weeks, M for
                                         months. For example, 30 seconds is 30s from now.

  $ box files:shared-links:create
  $ box files:shared-links:update

  box files:share 11111 --access company

Let us know if this helps.

There is also this article with a similar use case: