Custom app - Authorization tab not available

I have created a custom app, create public/private key as well but not getting an option to submit app for authorization.
There is no Authorization tab.

In General Settings tab, it is showing Enterprise id as 0

Hi @boyoboy18 ,

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The reason for is most likely you have a free box account or a basic tier account.

These types of account only support creating applications using OAuth.

You can create a free developer account, which will allow you to create any type of application (OAuth, JWT, and CCG)

You can follow this link using a browser incognito window to create your free developer account.

Let us know if this helps

Thanks for your response. I have free box account. I cannot create a new free developer account with the same email id. Does it mean, do I need a new email id to create a new developer account with all authentication mechanism available?
Is there any way to use existing email id to create and upgrade my developer account to free developer account.

Hi @boyoboy18

Let me check, please send me a private message with the email associated to your box account.


hi @rbarbosa, i’m also experiencing the same when trying to get my custom apps authorized by my admin. i’m using an individual developer account. could you please help?