Custom Portal using OAuth with Box configured for Azure SSO?

I am creating a Custom Portal ( Box Application ) using OAuth for authentication (NextAuth). The Box environment is configured with SSO via Azure. I’m seeking clarification if this is possible. I recall skimming through the developer site that this isn’t. I’m not able to find that reference.

Hello :wave:,

Can you expand on your question a bit? Are you saying you want to have users login to the portal using Next Auth… but when they login to Box they use Azure?

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado:

I’m building a NextJS dashboard application with NextAuth.

  1. Create a new Box Application:

  2. OAuth Setup -

Currently, we’re using Relay, Sign, and Metadata to simulate business processes. Also, users upload files and update metadata through the interface. That access to our Box instances is Configure Single Sign On (SSO) for All Users using Microsoft Azure Federated SSO Certificate.

Enterprise Settings → User Settings → Configure Single Sign On (SSO) for All Users.

Box doesn’t handle authentication; AZURE does. I want to verify that the custom NextJS application can’t use NextAuth BoxProvider and would need to use the to use the Enterprise application in AZURE created/configured for Box.

If you wanted them to login with Box(OAuth 2.0), then you would need to use your Azure SSO - since SSO is configured for your instance. If you wanted to use App Users, you could use your own IDP/authentication system, since app users don’t have a login - they just connect an external user to an app user in Box. Does that make sense?