Download File Basics

I’m running an API call to /files/[fileid]/content with just the file id in the URL and the access token in the header. It says the api call is completing successfully, but it does not actually prompt a download in the browser. It worked a while back, but I’m not sure what I changed causing it not to work any more. Any tips on what I can check would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hi @DavidKing !

Would it be possible to share us the piece of code you’re using to initiate your file download ? :slight_smile:


I’m using the FlutterFlow no-code platform, so there isn’t any raw code. Here is what the api call looks like though.

Thanks for clarifying !
Do you specify a File ID in the Default value field ?

What do you have in the Query parameters tab ?

We also need to take into account the Location parameter.
If you take a look at this page :

If the file is available for download the response will include a Location header for the file on

The URL is not persistent and clients will need to follow the redirect to actually download the file.

So I have the feeling that you need to specify where the file should be downloaded. We need a “Location”.

Hmmm… it might be more of a FlutterFlow issue. I do get a header called “x-final-url” that has the download URL in test API calls, but when I tell FlutterFlow to retrieve that header in a live call it comes up blank.

I don’t know if you use Postman, but it’s similar to FlutterFlow. You should compare to see if you manage to download the file with the same API call on Postman. This way it will determine if the issue comes from FlutterFlow.