Error Applying Metadata While all permissions available

Hi @matt.riley

Our integration developer is trying to apply metadata in production but getting the following error

‘‘[404] not_found - Specified Metadata Template not found

While it is working in sandbox, also I have tried using Box CLI to add the metadata using the “as-user” for the developer account and it is giving this error “Unexpected API Response [403 Forbidden | kvmbobhjn3tf8x1g.049584c0275b75bfb5775df5fa19eac6c] access_denied_insufficient_permissions - Access denied - insufficient permission:” while I have invited the user to the folder with an Editor permission.

Let me know if you need more details.
Best Regards

Hi @user711 :wave:

Common mistakes that result in that particular 404 are:

  • Incorrect case of Metadata template key (e.g. using “MyTemplate” when it’s actually “myTemplate”
  • Using the display name of the template rather than the template key. The display name is what shows in the Admin Console, while the key is what’s displayed in the URL bar after clicking the template display name.
  • Using an incorrect “scope” in the call. Your scope should be in the format of “enterprise_123” where you would replace “123” with your EID.

If those aren’t the source of your error, you’ll probably need to contact our Support team to look into the specifics of the call you’re making.

As for the permissions problem with the CLI, my guess would be that you’re trying to modify metadata across different EIDs (a user in enterprise A is trying to add metadata to a file owned by enterprise B). But someone here with more experience using “as-user” might have better guidance for you.