Error: Grant credentials are invalid

I have created an application as the documentation says, but I always get this error.

This is your documentation, can you help me?

This is my app client id: alhd08bt4pv1gt6n9i4ipi8andjscofb

curl -i -X POST "" \
-H"Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded"\


    "error": "invalid_grant",
    "error_description": "Grant credentials are invalid"

Welcome to the Forum, Ruben ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you authorized the app in the admin console?

Thank you @CodeBoxSeb.

How can I authorized my app?

I try follow this guide, but in my admin console I don’t see the authorization tab.

Hi @Ruben

Be careful, it’s not the Authorization tab that you need to use.
If you go to your Admin Console, click on “Apps” on the left menu, and then, select “Custom Apps Manager” :

Hi @CodeBoxSeb

Thanks for your support :pray:, I see that you are in box admin but I only have access to
Principal box page and Box developer and I only see my apps in the second link, but this shows like a cards.

Do I need access to other site?

Actually I have a free account, I don’t know if this is the reason.


Hi @Ruben

Indeed, you’ll need to upgrade your account to a Business tariff at least :

It will allow you to access the Admin console.