Error: SDK v2 .NET Client Grant Credentials Invalid request box_subject_id box_subject_type


I’m trying to authenticate with Client Grant Credentials using the .NET SDK V2, version 5.7.1.

The app has App Access Leval: App + Enterprise Access;
All Application Scopes selected;
All Advanced Features selected;
App authorized by admin.

My code:

var boxConfig = new BoxConfigBuilder(_Config.ClientId, _Config.GetClientSecretKey())
var boxCCG = new BoxCCGAuth(boxConfig);
client = (BoxClient)boxCCG.AdminClient();
BoxCollection<BoxFileVersion> fileVersions = await client.FilesManager.ViewVersionsAsync(file_id, offset: offset, limit: limit);

I get the following error:

Box.V2.Exceptions.BoxAPIException: ‘The API returned an error [BadRequest] invalid_request - “box_subject_id” cannot be used without a “box_subject_type” for the “client_credentials” grant type’

How can i solve this?
Thank you

The error message is misleading. The problem was wrong Enterprise ID.
The real Enterprise ID is only displayed to the admin user.

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