File picker integration on iOS devices requires 2 clicks to complete the selected file sharing operation

Hi All,

We are facing an issue w.r.t. box file picker on iOS devices. We have integrated file picker as per documentation but while sharing the files and after selection of files, we need to press select button twice to complete the operation and dismissing the file picker.


Hey @nitin.test08 I haven’t encountered this before but I see you’re on an older version of Box UI Elements. Are you able to upgrade to v17.1.0? Do you know if it’s reproducible on other devices besides iOS? Does it happen for other buttons or just the “Select” button?

I’m thinking it’s either specific to iOS devices where for some reason the button does not have focus on the initial click/press. Or it could be an issue with the onChoose option that’s being passed to ContentPicker.

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Sorry for late reply. This issue is happening on iOS devices only.
It happens for cancel/close button as well.

Anyone have come across this issue on iOS devices ?