Getting past a user's API limit

Some of our users are getting flagged for going over their allotted API calls per month. We’re aware that this is part of the user’s Box’s billing plan.

This is a pretty inconvenient limit. Our use case requires us to do full periodic syncs, where each sync making:

  • ~2 API calls per folder, 1 to retrieve its children and 1 to retrieve its collaborations
  • ~1 API call per file to retrieve its collaborations
    We do use webhooks to reduce how often we make these calls, but it still doesn’t guarantee control as a developer, especially if a user has thousands of files.

To remediate:

  • Are there any API calls that can pull the latest changes to folders & files, instead of us needing to do full periodic syncs? Or is there any other recommended practice so that we can reduce the # of API calls we need to make.
  • Is there a programmatic way to access the user’s monthly limit?
  • Does this limit apply to an individual user or the entire account of users?
  • Any plans to remove this limit?

Hello :raised_hand:,

It looks like the account that posted this thread is tied to a free developer account. Would it be possible for you to share with me the enterprise id for your production Box instance? If so, I can get you in touch with the right sales team to help you.

The only API endpoints that track content changes across the enterprise in that way are the event stream. Using this, you could theoretically see and act upon any of the events that occur within the instance.

Box doesn’t implement any user level api billing limits to my knowledge. They are done at the enterprise level, but you will want to chat with the Box Sales team for more specifics. Unfortunately, we in developer relations are not closely tied to the sales pieces.

The limits that do exist are ones called rate limits. Those will restrict how many api calls can be made at once, etc. These are not tied to the billing piece though.

There are no plans to my knowledge to change or alter the rate limits or the billing tiers - but you might ask sales that question!

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado: