Has anyone tried the next generation Python SDK?

Hi all,

Fairly recently we’ve launched a beta version of our Python SDK.

Our engineering team is generating the SDK directly from the REST API specifications.

This should allow:

  • Full API Support: New Box SDKs empower developers with complete coverage of the Box API ecosystem. You can access all the latest features and functionalities offered by Box and build feature-rich applications.
  • Rapid API Updates: The new auto-generation development approach allows for adding Box APIs to SDKs at a much faster pace (in a matter of days). This means you can leverage the most up-to-date features in your applications without delay.
  • Embedded Documentation: All objects and parameters are documented directly in the source code of the SDK so all the necessary information is stored in one place.
  • Enhanced Convenience Methods: The newly introduced convenience methods cover various aspects such as authentication, chunk uploads, exponential back-offs, automatic retries, type checkers which help to ensure that you’re using variables correctly, and much more.

Go ahead a take a look.
As always feedback is welcome.

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