Hello I am Dave, Partner from Nagarro

Hello, All Devs Internal and Customer aligned,

I support the Box community as an outside consultant for software innovation. It looks like I am the first partner here in the Community; I am honored to be the first. My role at my company is Sales Director, Software & hi-tech ISV industry. I can support any customer, regardless of industry, here as IT Consultant on behalf of their Customer relationship with Box.

Most of my current efforts have been in alignment with the Sales team on custom projects that involve Box integrations with other software solutions, and there is no limit to that so far. Happy to take on a challenge. If you have a custom development need for a customer or are stuck with a development or systems challenge, ping me here or on Linkedin.

A little about Nagarro:
Nagarro, a global digital engineering leader, helps clients become innovative, digital-first companies and thus win in their markets. The company is distinguished by its entrepreneurial, agile, and global character, its CARING mindset, and its approach to thinking breakthroughs. Nagarro employs over 20,000 people in 34 countries.

Nagarro covers software innovation from all aspects: business systems, for example: SAP, Microsoft to Salesforce. Design engineering: from Test automation to ITSM support and automation.

Myself- Been in the Dev tools space for 10+ years, Monitoring, CI/CD, and agile planning products, just recently took the plunge to IT consultancy. Married, Dad of 3 Boys, and coach, U13, U11 Lacrosse & U8 Soccer.


Welcome, Dave! Thanks for joining the community!

Thanks for the invite Scott.

Welcome @DaveReuterGSI36

You insights on common and not so common Box use cases are very valuable to us.

Anything interesting you could share?

Great question, I would like to ask around our firm for some interesting usecases
but I also like to pose a question to the Devs here from all parts of the echosystem.

I used to work for a software dev tools product and one question I always get promoting the product was: do you eat your own dog food. Are you using that DevOps product in your own release & deploy efforts, our answer was yes.
In your own dev efforts at Box are there places where you think that the Box solutions could provide some value back to the software development effort?