Help! I have 805 files I have the source path for and I want to move to new location within box

I need develop help to move 850 files from a source path ID to a new folder that I have identified. I do not have the developer skills to do myself. Let me know if you can help! Happy to pay for this assistance.

Hi @cvindasius , welcome to the forum.

As a developer advocate I can only help you with questions related with the platform.

Lets see if there is here someone else that can help you.

One question though, did you contact Box for help? We do have a consulting service…

Best regards


Yes - I started with Box support and they told me to come and post on the developer site.

It’s done now - someone from my network was able to help so I am all set :slight_smile:


Fantastic Cindy,

Any other questions feel free to post them, we are here to help.

Best regards