Help Integrating Box, File Request feature with wordpress users? Happy to pay!

Hi There

I am creating a wordpress site, where my students will be able to upload files on individual topics.

File request features allows me, where I can create individual links / folder for specific topics Now the issue is that, they have to add their name, email addresses (i know you can remove it) again. Will it be possible to integrate this with WordPress username or profile, so that they don’t have to add their details again?

I am happy to pay if someone can help me.


Hi There

I will appreciate if someone can please mention if that is even possible?



Hi @Vigo ,

Can you help me replicate your use case?

I’m not familiar with WordPress, but I’m wondering if WordPress your only available tool?

If needed would you be able to execute code in node or python, for example?


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Thank You for your reply

Basically, its going to be a wordpress site for around 100 students. And they will be uploading videos and word documents on specific topics. whatever they upload will only be visible to me.

So a user/student. comes to the site, use a sign up form (probably ultimate member form), gets registered. and then go to different sections, Maths Etc, and go to specific topic page, at the bottom i will add the link from dropbox, or box. so it goes to a specific topic folder. Both Box and Dropbox has a feature called “request file” where whoever has the link can upload their files and it goes to specific folder.

Issue is that when they will upload, Dropbox and Box, creates a form where they need to add Name and Email, so that I know who sent it. There is also an option where a form can be removed and they can just upload with details.

Now a student can add any name tbh and there is now way for me to verify it. and can upload spam material by just adding any names etc. So I was wondering if possible, when the upload a file, their WordPress profile is linked to it, so its easier to manage and less risk of spam.

I am happy to use any form company creator and any other integrations third party etc.

I dont have any knowledge of node or python, but if you could please explain what do I need, how can it be done. I can advertise in upwork peopleperhour etc.


Hi @Vigo ,

I did some testing but got nowhere.

I’m assuming you’re inserting the file request url as an iframe inside WordPress.

My Idea was to attach some javascript to that and at least pre-populate the email field.

However I completely forgot that browsers prevent us from doing this when the content of the iframe is being served from another domain, in this case vs where you have the WordPress being served.

Looking at our app gallery I see several apps that claim to integrate box and word press.

Does any of those suit your use case?


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Thank You very much for having a look.

I will let you know how it goes.

Kindest Regards