Hiiiiii! I'm Kyle Adams, Partner Architect @ Box

I work with the Box Partners team and help our Systems Integrator partners build solutions on Box and other technologies. You might also recognize me from the Box for Salesforce Community roundtable events that I present at on a monthly basis!

I’ve been a Boxer for almost 7yrs and have specialized in Content Management (FileNet, OnBase, Alfresco) as a Dev/Admin/Architect for the past 15+ years. Back in the old days we had to walk 2 miles each way to check-in and check-out a document :older_man:. I only recently started developing on the force.com platform for the past 5-ish years. Salesforce is weird and complex and keeps me interested.

I’m an awful frontend developer, but I can get by. My primary programming languages are Java and Node, but I like to dabble in C#, Python, and Go. I suppose you can throw Apex in the mix as well. :man_shrugging:

If you ever have any questions about content management best practices, process management, or Salesforce integration best practices, feel free to reach out! :ninja:


Welcome Kyle! Look forward to seeing you around the community!

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Nice to see you, @kadams !

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