How can we do API callouts for creating Folder, Files using Box free account?

I’ve created a Box free account and trying to access the box APIs using Postman.
I have used Auth 2.0 flow and successfully authenticated to generate an access token. While I’m able to perform GET API callouts, I’m encountering issues with POST callouts for actions such as creating files or folders. These attempts result in a 403-error status code.

Could someone please suggest a solution for accessing Box APIs with a free account? Do I need to purchase a plan or are there any prerequisites or configurations that I might be missing?

Hi @user213 , welcome to the forum.

You do not need a paid account for this.

You do need to activate your developer console. For this you can just navigate to it, but it looks like you’ve done that already, since you got your client id and client secret.

Before we proceed, you might have a free account as opposed to a free developer account. If that is the case, I suggest you create a free developer account (you may need to use incognito for this step, or you may end up in your existing account).

As for Postman, which collection are you using?

The Box Platform API or the Advanced one?

I can easily create a folder using postman:

Help us understand a bit more where is it stuck.

Let us know

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