How do I specify a Dropdown item?

I’m trying to specify a Dropdown item of a template ( in prefill_tags )
in a signing request.
I tried using text_value but it didn’t seem to work.
Do I have to specify the Dropdown item index somehow instead?
I hope this is possible, as it seems this would be barebones functionality.

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Pretty sure dropdown is not supported, there’s a Box Pulse item here to vote on for it: Need more input field types and options for Box Sign – Customer Feedback for Box

Agreed that it would be a helpful feature!

Thanks–I’m mainly concerned with the API–They do support Dropdowns in the visual template editor but as of yet it appears that there still is no tag support for them–I’d like to see that too BTW, but if you grab the template data via the API, the Dropdown data is there, so I would hope that there’d be a way to select an item, I’m assuming it isn’t implemented yet–This seems very odd to me though as I stated–
As to my way of thinking, this would be in the class of bare minimum functionality.

As for other input types, it seems that the concept of Radio Button is not understood properly.
(Maybe devs are too young to remember physical car radio buttons and the concept behind them?!?! )

Anyway, I’d like to see all of the input types supported via tags and supported via the API.

I’ve ended up answering this question on this topic (I think :slight_smile:), but for reference to other readers, I’ll repost it here.

Considering a template with a dropdown define as such:

                    "document_tag_id": "ext_id_dropdown",
                    "id": "b7fc6ae3-5a64-4746-a266-408f2fa550c5",
                    "type": "dropdown",
                    "text_value": null,
                    "is_required": true,
                    "coordinates": {
                        "x": 0.157528641571195,
                        "y": 0.5615431436187784
                    "dimensions": {
                        "width": 0.2618657937806874,
                        "height": 0.021464646464646464
                    "date_value": null,
                    "page_index": 0,
                    "checkbox_value": null,
                    "document_id": "16966a7e-13a6-447a-a465-dd87e28c2565",
                    "content_type": "dropdown",
                    "dropdown_choices": [
                        "Dropdown A",
                        "Dropdown B",
                        "Dropdown C"
                    "group_id": null,
                    "label": "drop_down"

To pre select a dropdown entry in the creation of a sign request:

      "document_tag_id": "ext_id_dropdown",
      "text_value": "Dropdown B"

@rbarbosa Thanks. This is what I tried before and it didn’t seem to work.
I just tried it again on a fresh test template (without changing the way I did it in code)
and it worked!
So I’m very happy about this. I hope it continues to be solid going forward.