How many app users can be created per Application? Is there any limitation?

After creating around 250 app users, I got 429 rate limit error.

hi @Niladri ,
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Can you elaborate on the use case and implementation details?

250 app users sounds excessive, but more details are needed.

In the mean time, let me share with a Box API rate limit management document:

Let us know if this helps.

Our use cases satisfy App User User-model (
In this case our application has approximately 50000 users. Is it possible to create these many app users?

Hi @Niladri

When you mentioned the 429 rate limit error code and app users, it made me thinks of the official way to get around the rate limit. This is a common use case, especially when developer are trying to initialize an app with data. 250 app users sounded excessive, because in that particular use case a developer wouldn’t need so many. This technique might still be useful to you, though.

Anyway to your question, the 429 rate limit error, has nothing to do with the number of users. It just means your app is hitting the API request limit, usually in request per minute.

Take a look at the rate limit documentation:

When you get a rate limit error, there is a retry-after header included in the response, with the cool down time in seconds. However:

So your app has 2 options:

  • Wait for the cooldown period to make the next request
  • Use a pool of dedicated app users, switch to another app user in a round robin way, to continue to make API requests (as described in the document)

Please note that this is useful for a sporadic event such as a data load or a user bulk creation.

Hope this helps, let us know.