How much time does it take to get the app approved?

I’ve been working on a custom app integration, and submitted the app for review. The app is pending approval for more than 15 days now. Tried opening the support ticket, but they said to contact the app developer ( That’s me ). How can someone from support reply like that without investigating?

Can someone help telling me the process of app approval?

Hello @InfiWebs,

Thanks for posting your question! First, please check if you have access to Admin Console. Only primary admins and co-admins with the correct permissions can access this area of the Admin Console. You can find it in your account, in the bottom left corner:

Next, this article might be helpful to you:

Please let me know if that solved your issue.

Olga Stefaniuk
Developer Advocate

@ostefaniuk Nah, I’m talking about the app approval in Dev Console. I created a new app and waiting for the approval.

Here’s the ticket ID - 2877682

I’ve been waiting for nearly 15 days.

Hey @InfiWebs,

Ok got it, @William, maybe you could provide some info on this topic?


@William @ostefaniuk Any updates on this? I do really want to get this integration done, or I have to move my client to the Dropbox or alternative if we can’t sort this as soon as possible.

Hello @InfiWebs, I reached out to the team that handles this. I’ll pass along any information I get.

Thanks @shurrey. Appreciate your help. Please keep me updated as soon you get any info.

It looks like Scott is running it down! This process can take up to about a month, but hopefully your app will be published soon.

Thanks @William for your reply. I’m just surprised to know the app approval need this much time. I can hope to get the app approved sooner.

Hello @InfiWebs ,

Your app has been approved. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi @Shurrey

Thanks for the update. Glad to know the app is now published.
We are going to release the integration soon :slight_smile:

Kind regards,