How to access target folder?

I’m BoxSDK beginner.
I’m developping by using Python Box SDK.
I’d created client by Json setting configuration file and sccessed authentification.
I’d also createed BoxApp original folder and finished reading/writing folders/files in this folder.
For next step I’d like to access target Box folder.
How to access target folder?
Is it enough to ask target folder owner to invite my BoxApp service account ****
Service account information is not use when authentification.
Does Box system recognize BoxApp(Client ID and private ID) and check available folder by service account from resistrated informations?

Yoshio Uchikata

Hi Yoshio san,

If you are new to Box SDK development, the please make sure you are using the Next Generation Box Python SDK.

When you say

Sounds like you have a Box application configured to use JWT authentication. Please confirm that the application is authorized by going to the developer console. For example in my case:

Click review and submit and then in the administration console, approve the application. For example in my case:

Yes it is, you can even use the collaboration end point to share the folder with the managed (human) user.

When you create a JWT (or CCG) Box application, a service account is automatically created.
When you use the configuration file to create the client, the enterprise id, and client id are used to authenticate the service account user.

On a side note, both JWT and CCG also have the capability, depending on your application configurations, to login a managed user, let us know if you want to explore more about this feature.

We have created a workshop using the Python SDK, that contains sample code for different authentications, and also a set of exercises to help developer discover the Box API.

You can take a look at it here:

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards

Thank you for your kind reply.
I’d ask Box management member to invite new BoxApp service account for target folder.
Then I can see contents in this folder.
Best regards